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TREND: Sticky Wearables are here to stay

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Stick-to-skin wearable device tapes and adhesives have revolutionized numerous industries in the past two decades.

For instance, non-invasive on-body, continuous monitoring systems have enabled diabetic patients to keep track of their glucose levels while carrying on with their daily activities. Die-cut transdermal patches that dispense nicotine through the skin and into the bloodstream have helped people gradually quit smoking. Moreover, wearable device tapes that adhere to the skin are becoming increasingly popular in the health and beauty sectors, with consumers using them to avoid excessive exposure to UV rays and minimize wrinkles. In essence, the potential applications of stick-to-skin wearable device tapes and adhesives are virtually limitless.

How Are Wearable Adhesives Different?

Wearable adhesives find applications in various industries and products, such as healthcare, beauty, and fitness. In the healthcare sector, medical-grade adhesives and tapes are used for continuous glucose monitoring, drug delivery, pulse oximetry, temperature monitoring patches, and attaching components of medical devices like EKGs and fetal heart rate monitors. Similarly, in beauty and fitness, wearable adhesives are used in sun and skincare monitoring devices, diagnostic beauty masks, wearable environmental trackers that connect to smartphones, smartwatches, and fitness trackers. Lastly, in the additive industry, soft and flexible transdermal patches are employed for delivering nicotine, CBD, and aromatherapy.

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