So Mush Room
Year 2023
User Experience Design
Content Strategy
Visual design
Technical discovery and development
Quality assurance testing

Magic Mushrooms for Heroes

In the depths of the forest, where the trees stretch up to the sky lies a hidden grove, where magic mushrooms lie Their caps a vibrant hue, shimmering in the sunlight Whispering secrets to those who dare to take a bite In a haze of colors and shapes, the world transforms around As reality slips away, a new realm is found The trees dance and sway, as the clouds above them race The wind whispers secrets, of a mystical, enchanted place And in the midst of it all, stands a figure in the mist A messenger from another world, with a message to enlist So take a trip to the grove, and let the magic consume And you may just find yourself, in a Murakami-like dreamlike gloom.

/ Inspiring with design

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