Forgetmenot Bot
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OpenIdeo Challenge: A chatbot that functions as go-to source and knowledge base for caregivers of people with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease – 24/7

People tend to feel left alone when facing challenges and are seeking for advice and help instantly. The Forgetmenot Bot is the assistant that gives answers and advice to caregivers 24/7, on the device that is always with them – the smart phone. Why a bot rather than an app?.

Rather than using a self help website for Alzheimer’s patients or calling a help line on their phone, users can simply message the Forgetmenot Bot and ask for a solution to a specific question while tapping into crowd knowledge and experiences with like minded people all around the world.
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Imagine being able to talk to someone who combines all relevant information around Alzheimer’s or dementia on a personal phone line without any wait time. The artificial intelligence of the Forgetmenot Bot is based on professional knowledge of institutions and researchers and constantly learns from a community of users.

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