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Helmut & die Kids der Sierra Morena
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Helmut & die Kids der Sierra Morena

We made a documentary for Helmut Loebells CES Waldorf in the slums of Bogota.

That’s easy. We live in safety, we eat great food, we go on holidays and we send our kids to school. To us, all of this is pretty normal. For many people, it’s not. And some people, like Helmut von Loebell, go out there and change that.

What makes Helmut von Loebell outstandingly special is that he has, for a long time, been sharing some of that comfort with kids that have hardly any outlook on safety and most of all, a future. Helmut von Loebell started CES WALDORF in 2002, after he co-founded SCALAS, the german-colombian social aid organisation, and the SOS-Kinderdorf Organisation in Colombia. His life and his actions have changed the situations of many families and their children to an extent that allows them to hope.
Helmut Loebell shows kids that they have a future.