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Music is Vienna
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Music is Vienna

Music is Vienna was a love project of Alexandra von Quadt and photographer Andreas Waldschuetz. Vienna used to be Europe’s capital for anything musical. These days are long gone, some outbursts of musical brilliance resurfaced in the shape of Falco in the 80’s or the Dub Movement during the late 90’s with the likes of Kruder & Dorfmeister or Tunakan and Pulsinger.

Andreas’s goal was not to take another picture. In his photography, the focus always lies in the details. And he strongly believes that every face, every outfit, every character deserve their own frame and setting. He will portray the artists in action or styled and made-up in their hotel room, when they arrive at the airport or when they come out of an afterparty at 11 am–the only limitation is the medium: Photography.

Alexandra has a strong musical background and when she’s not surfing the web for music, she goes to see it live. A journalistic and generally curious nature urges her to find out more about the artists than their feelings about their latest album. Her focus lies in the person behind the music, and why they want to express themselves with sound.