Brüsli Branding (Concept)
Year 2023
Brand Design
Business Design
Visual design
Technical discovery and development
Quality assurance testing

Bread for Future

Let us introduce a branding concept for Brüsli, a müsli that is produced with an on-site grinder in supermarkets, using old bread as its main ingredient. Using the branded grinder, Brülsi can be customized by the consumer, combining it with nuts and dried fruit, making it a customizable and sustainable breakfast option.

The supermarket derives several values from offering our müsli in their store. 

  • Firstly, our on-site grinder adds a unique and innovative element to the supermarket, making it more attractive to customers who are interested in sustainable and customizable food options. This can drive foot traffic to the supermarket, increasing sales for other products as well.
  • Secondly, by partnering with our company, the supermarket can position itself as an environmentally conscious and socially responsible business. This can enhance the supermarket’s brand image and reputation, leading to increased customer loyalty.
  • Finally, our müsli offers a high profit margin for the supermarket, as the ingredients are relatively inexpensive and the müsli can be sold at a premium price. This can increase the supermarket’s overall revenue and profitability.
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