Year 2023
Store Design
Content Strategy
Visual Design
Quality assurance testing

Photography: Benedikt von Loebell
Styling, Set Design: Julia Eisenburger
Voice Over Good Night Stories: Katharina von Quadt

Pyjamas for adventurous dreamers

In the depths of the forest, where the trees stretch up to the sky lies a hidden grove, where magic mushrooms lie Their caps a vibrant hue, shimmering in the sunlight Whispering secrets to those who dare to take a bite In a haze of colors and shapes, the world transforms around As reality slips away, a new realm is found The trees dance and sway, as the clouds above them race The wind whispers secrets, of a mystical, enchanted place And in the midst of it all, stands a figure in the mist A messenger from another world, with a message to enlist So take a trip to the grove, and let the magic consume And you may just find yourself, in a Murakami-like dreamlike gloom.

/ Inspiring with design

KANGRUU is the new brand by Benedikt von Loebell, creating colorful, playful sleepwear for men. Why look dull when embarking on a dreamy adventure?

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