Dictators in clown drag

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Some people perceive men in drag as problematic due to societal norms and expectations surrounding gender and sexuality. We used Midjourney to create images of Dictators in drag!

In recent history, societies ruled by big religions, gender norms have been binary, with men expected to act and dress in masculine ways and women expected to act and dress in feminine ways. Men who deviate from these norms, such as by wearing women’s clothing or presenting as feminine, may be seen as violating societal expectations and challenging traditional notions of gender.

But let us indulge you in how fantastic some recent and current dictators of the world who are openly opposing gender freedom would look like in clown drag:

Oh, and while we’e at it, let us talk about some of non-binary gender identities from different cultures:

  1. Hijra: In South Asia, hijra is a term used to describe people who do not identify as either male or female. They have been recognized as a third gender in India since 2014, and have a long history in Indian culture as religious figures and performers.
  2. Two-Spirit: This term was coined by Indigenous people in North America to describe individuals who embody both male and female spirits. Two-Spirit people often held important cultural and spiritual roles within their communities.
  3. Sworn Virgins: In parts of the Balkans, particularly in Albania, a practice known as sworn virginhood allowed assigned female individuals to live as men. Sworn virgins were able to participate in male-only activities and hold positions of authority within their communities.
  4. Fa’afafine: In Samoan culture, fa’afafine refers to individuals who are assigned male at birth but identify and live as female. They are widely accepted in Samoan society and often take on important roles in their communities.
  5. Muxe: In Zapotec culture in southern Mexico, muxe refers to individuals who are assigned male at birth but have a non-binary gender identity. They are often recognized as a third gender and are valued for their contributions to their communities.
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